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  Begin to experience extreme poverty by entering Kibera Slum. Learn why children in Kibera Slum need high school education. Watch as students work to empower women in Kibera.

Africa Dream Project videos reveal the struggles and hopes of life in Kibera. Be shocked as you enter the slum. Be moved as you hear of the need for high school education. Be inspired as you learn of the life-changin work that is happening.

Watch and see how people like you are coming together for the better. You too can be a catalyst for change.

Respond to the call to stand up for life. No one else can fill your role. Contact us today and learn how you can be the difference.


First Time in Kibera Slum


  Our Children Need High School   Students Bring Micro-Enterprise    

Join Nate and the 2007 ADP Team as they venture into Kibera Slum for their first time. Seven-year-old Evelyn Akinyi is leading the way on this 20-minute trek to her home...


Visit our partner school in Kibera. This primary school, set up for AIDS orphans, is empowering the lives of hundreds of children in the slum. Meet Kenyantio Dudi, Program Manager, as he...


Women are being brought out of the destructive commercial sex industry and into healthy livelihoods. Join USC business student, Jake, on the journey into...


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