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First Time in Kibera Slum


Join Nate and the 2007 ADP Team as they venture into Kibera Slum for their first time. Seven-year-old Evelyn Akinyi is leading the way on this 20-minute trek to her home in Kibera. The smell and sights of Kibera are shocking. On this day, the team only knows that Evelyn's sick father, Gordon, is waiting for them. Gordon's illness has restricted him to the floor of his home for months.

When the team arrives at the Akinyi home, they finally meet Gordon. The 30-year-old widower is deathly thin, frail, but smiling at their arrival.

What is Gordon's sickness? Fever, TB, AIDS? What does he say? Will he recover? Or will Evelyn become another orphan in Kibera Slum?

More videos to come on Gordon and Evelyn.

Length: 1 minute, 15 seconds

Date filmed: July 30th, 2007

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