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Need another reason to help out?
Here are a few to consider.

You are the Difference


Through your tax-deductible donation you are the difference in the lives of many in Kibera Slum. Thank you for helping today.

Your support, no matter the dollar amount, makes a vital impact.

When you donate to a project 100% of your gift is used directly toward project goals. ADP's unique 100% volunteer team allows your giving to be fully utilized. Thank you again for your support.

Ways to Donate

  1. Donate securely and quickly online below.
  2. Donate by personal check addressed to Africa Dream Project

                     Mail to:     Africa Dream Project

                                    10248 Northridge Drive

                                    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737

Choose the Project You are Supporting  
"Masomo kwa Maisha"
Education for Life


Partner with ADP to build the children of Kibera their first world-class high school. The new high school will bridge the gap from the poverty of the slum to the heights of the children's dreams! Thank you for giving children the opportunity to receive high school education and reach their dreams.

"Maisha Mpya"
New Life


Partner with ADP to empower women with the opportunity to come out of commercial sex and enter this safe business alternative. Through your support, even more women will experience the freedom to provide for their children through this small-scale business program. Thank you for helping to bring about new lives.

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